What else is there to know about fasting? The topic sounded dry to me. What new knowledge could I possibly learn from this course that could change the quality of my fasting? And fiqh?? Sounds like those do’s and don’ts that I always learn but can never remember when the need comes.

There’s also an element of fear actually, deep down, almost unnoticed, or rather not wanting to be noticed. Fear of knowing that my fasting before this has been done wrongly or imperfectly.

Really, the question is: What’s blocking me from being excited about deepening my understanding of this act of worship that’s so unique? So unique that Allaah (swt) has made the actual reward for fasting a secret – He will surprise us later with its reward on the Day of Accounting. So unique, that for those who fast, angels will welcome them to enter Jannah through a special gate called Ar-Rayyan.

The purpose of fasting is so that we become Muttaqun. Fasting has been prescribed for us and prescribed for people before us, so that we have taqwa.
With taqwa, we will fear to displease Allaah (swt); this fear stems from loving Allaah (swt) more than anything else. The greater our love for Allaah (swt), the higher our taqwa will be.

To love Allaah (swt) means we will want to make dua to Him and turn to Him for everything, and Allaah (swt) has said in Surah Al-Baqarah:

‘When my slave asks about Me, I am near him, let him ask Me, and I will give it, let him obey Me and let him have eeman, let him be guided.’

Have we not been dreaming of being one of those whose dua is guaranteed acceptance? Have we not been yearning and struggling to achieve that sweetest state of not worrying about anything because we feel the safety of being close to Allaah (swt)?

Fasting is one of the keys for our dua to be accepted. Fasting unveils the path to Him, binding us with its closeness. In the excellence of fasting lies the guarantee that our worship will be accepted. With that guarantee is the comfort of having taqwa, of believing the unbelievable; the indescribable Love of Allaah (swt), the surreal Jannah, the underestimated Angels, the misunderstood Qadr and more.

‘To do the same thing repeatedly but expecting different results is called insanity.’

‘So in order to get what you never got you must do what you never did.’